Home Remedies for Itching

Itching, which is usually a symptom of allergies, mycosis, eczema, insect sting or a side effect of a medication, is a condition that causes discomfort. In most cases, people involuntarily itch the area and cause irritation and pain. As the itching can occur in a single area, it can also occur all over the body.
The itching can be at various levels, starting from mild to severe. If the itching is consistent and if they are getting more severe, it is beneficial to consult with a doctor to investigate the underlying condition. But, there are also some herbal home remedies to relieve and get rid of the itching.

1. Fresh Basil

Basil leaves can be used to minimize or get rid of the itching due to insect stings, infections or other factors. Thanks to its antibacterial and antiseptic features of the fresh basil, it can be highly effective on itching and skin infections. Fresh basil is a painkiller, itch reliever and analgesic for the skin conditions and various diseases like eczema. If you are going to apply the fresh basil leaves directly on the itching area, chop them so the essence of the leaves reaches the irritated skin area. Or if you are going to use basil tea, you can spray it on the itching area after you brew it.
Fresh Basil

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