Home Remedies for Teething Babies

Teething in babies can cause pain, swelling and fever. In the teething period, the teeth that is pushing out cause discomfort and crying. It is due to the pain caused by the teeth. By consulting with your doctor, you can use antibiotics or painkillers according to the situation of your baby. Besides these, with the home remedies that you can use on your own, you can make your baby’s teething process easier.
How long will teething last in babies?
Teething in babies is a process that arouses curiosity. Actually, even though it is not visible, before the babies are born, tooth buds form under the gums. Baby teeth, which are formed prenatally, usually start to cause pain in 6th month. Central incisors appear between 6-12th months, canines appear between 16-22nd months, premolars between 13-19th months and molars between 25-33rd months.
What are the symptoms of teething in babies?
Teething symptoms usually include itching of the gums, loss of appetite, frequent crying, severe pain, redness in gums, sleepiness and fever. Also, diarrhea can be observed in some babies due to the changes in salivary and digestive changes. Since the teething symptoms can vary, it can also cause nasal congestion or ear pain that resembles otitis media. All of these symptoms are normal, but if you are worried, you should consult with a pediatrician.
How high can the fever be during teething?
Teething fever under 38 C is normal. If the fever is higher during teething, you should consult with a doctor.
Home remedies for teething in babies

1. Apply towel with ice.

Wrap ice in a towel and let your baby suck on the towel. Of course the towel must be clean for this application. The cold and ice will relieve the swelling of the gums and the pain. Do not apply the ice directly on your baby’s gums. This can cause damage on the gums.

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