How to Get Rid of Heat Rash

Heat rash is a problem that arises when the sweat glands in the human skin are clogged. When the sweat glands are clogged, the sweat cannot get out, it stays inside; creating blisters and rashes, causing discomfort. Heat rash is usually happens during the summer. This coincidence of the heat rash with summer is due to the fact that sweating is increased during the summer. Heat rash is most common among babies, but it can also be observed in children and adults. Heat rash can also be observed during the winter months, and it is not a contagious condition. Before talking about what helps with heat rash, if you know why the heat rash appears, you can prevent it so that you won’t need the answer to the question, what helps with heat rash. Heat rash is caused by excessive sweating, staying immobile for a long time, overweight, staying too close to heat radiators and wearing too thick clothes.
What Helps with Heat Rash

Reducing the Heat and Moisture

The most important cause of the heat rash is excessive sweating. For this reason, you should get rid of extreme heat and moisture. Turn down your heater and remove the factors that cause excess humidity.

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