How to Get Rid of Muscle Cramps (Leg Cramps)

Cramps are involuntary, severe, painful and long contractions.
Even though you don’t contract that muscle voluntarily, certain nerves trigger the contraction and it results with a cramp. Normally, after the usual contractions of the muscles in our body, our brains send out signals for relaxation. With muscle cramps, these relaxation signals are not strong, so the muscles cannot relax.
The rigidity of a cramping muscle is usually observable or palpable.
Muscle cramps can last for a few seconds, 15 minutes or even longer.
Also, more than one cramp can overlap at the same muscle.
Muscle cramps are usually observed with the leg muscles.
How to get rid of muscle cramps?
When a muscle cramp occurs, that muscle must be relaxed. This can be a little painful. But, with these tips, it will be easy to get rid of muscle cramps.
-> Rub the cramping area.
-> For the calf cramps, stretching is required.
-> Apply ice or rub until the skin becomes red.
-> A hot water bag is helpful with relaxing the muscles.
If you are suffering from cramps that occur at night, mix one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with two teaspoons of honey and drink it. This will ease your discomfort.
Simple cramps usually disappear in a few minutes. If the cramps are lasting longer than that and if they are recurring frequently, a doctor’s consultation is necessary, especially if that person is of an advanced age.

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