How to Get Rid of Skin Tags

Skin tags are brown or skin-colored skin spots that usually don’t constitute any health risks or dangers. Even though it is rare, some of them can cause skin cancer. Most of the skin tags don’t cause any aesthetical problems. They can even make a person attractive. But in some cases, skin tags may cause psychological trouble and the patient cannot accept the skin tag. In this case, before making use of either natural or surgical treatments, first thing to do is to consult with a doctor.
How Skin Tags Disappear
There are no creams or medications for the treatment of skin tags. The skin tags can be removed by surgical excision.
Treatment Options for Skin Tags
Since the treatment methods like laser do not allow following pathological examination, they are not recommended.
The best thing to do about the skin tags, is to use sun protection creams and consult with a dermatologist if they show any kind of change.
Molds can be treated by cauterization, cryotherapy or simple excision without requiring general anesthesia. There are some natural treatments of the skin tags, but you should apply this methods by checking with your doctor.
Home remedies for skin tags:
The home remedies that are used for skin spots can be effective on skin tags. But since the skin tags can turn into skin cancer, in case of growth or color change, a doctor’s consultation is required. Home remedies are only supplemental treatments.

1. Aniseed

Aniseeds are placed in a bowl, water is added until they are all covered and it is boiled. Seeds are strained and discarded. The remaining water is applied on the skin to prevent skin spots and to revitalize the skin.

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